A downloadable game for Windows

Throw, bounce and kick a bomb to blast your way to survival. Bring the bunny or dont. I dont care..

  • No tutorial or anything. Just discover.
  • Keyboard/Mouse or Gamepad
  • Many bunnies
  • 30 levels

Keyboard bindings:
(Gamepad higly suggested)

move: "A" | or | "D"

free look: "Up" | or | "Down" | or | "Left" | or | "Right"

movement boost while in air: "Q"

enter doors: "E"

reset room: "Left Alt"

grab/soft release: "Left Mouse Button"

drop: "Left Mouse Button" + "S"

hard release: "SHIFT" + "LMB"

auto-detonate: "Middle Mouse Button" | or | "R"

bounce bomb off player while jumping:

("RMB"| or | "F") + {"W" | or | "A" | or | "S"| or | "D"}

Gamepad Bindings

move: "Left Stick "

free look: "Right Stick"

movement boost while in air: "Left Bumper/L1"

enter doors: "B/O"

reset room: "Select"

grab/soft release: "X"

drop: "X" + "Left Stick Down"

hard release: "Left Trigger/L2" + "X"

auto-detonate: "Y/Triangle"

bounce bomb off player while jumping:

"Left Stick Direction + Right Trigger/R2"

Install instructions

Gamepad is highly suggested but not required.

Just unzip


Bomb&Bunny__.zip 8 MB

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